Hi guys, this is the penultimate day, now it is not lacking much.
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29.What do you think people misunderstand most about you?

Well, it's a rather difficult question ... Thinking about it, probably the thing that people misunderstand about me is my apprehension about them. Now I'll explain better.
Sometimes it happens that some of my loved ones do things impulsively, without thinking too much, and almost always ends up getting into trouble, sometimes even very big. In those cases, I usually regulate in a rather severe way, or at least that way it may seem in the eyes of the recipient. I always try to make people understand what is best for them and make them understand that they have made a mistake. But to make them understand the gravity of the situation, I usually use a rather harsh and severe tone. I do it to make my message penetrate better in their mind, not to be bad.
But on the contrary, they think that I behave like that because I'm a nervous and impatient person, good only to raise my voice and get angry. They do not understand that if sometimes I am severe, it is only because I want their good and I do not want them to be in trouble.
Unfortunately it is a situation in which I find myself very often and in the end we always end up arguing seriously.

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