Hi, my people! Welcome to another article! Today I decided to do this tag that I've seen a couple of times on WHI. I chose some new songs and some older ones, so if you're looking for new music this article is definitely for you, or if you wanna remember some good old hits (not that old but you know what I mean).
Anddd let's start with the article ->

A - All falls down - Alan Walker ft. Noah Cyrus & Digital Farm Animals

alan walker and alone image music and alan walker image
'Cause when it all falls down, then whatever, When it don't work out for the better, If it just ain't right, and it's time to say goodbye

B - Back to you - Louis Tomlinson ft. Bebe Rexha & Digital Farm Animals

Inspiring Image on We Heart It bebe rexha, louis tomlinson, and digital farm animals image
Whoa, you stress me out, you kill me, You drag me down, you fuck me up, We're on the ground, we're screaming, I don't know how to make it stop

C - Capital Letters - Hailee Stainfeld ft. BloodPop

Image removed beautiful, capital letters, and couple image
We 'bout to go up baby, up we go, For worst or for better, Gonna give it to you, In capital letters

D - Dreamer - Axwell /\ Ingrosso ft. Trevor

Lyrics, music, and musik image axwell ingrosso, mfyp, and music for you pictures image
'Cause I promise you, I'm a dreamer too, Heavy on my heart, Wandering the streets tonight

E - Eyes Closed - Halsey

couple, hair, and rap image halsey and badlands image
Now if I keep my eyes closed, he feels just like you, But you've been replaced, I'm face to face with someone new

F - Firestone - Kygo ft. Conrad Sewell

beach, music, and summer image kygo and dj image
Our hearts are like firestones, And when they strike, we feel the love, Sparks will fly, they ignite our bones, And when they strike, we light up the world

G - Good girls - LANY

babe, fashion, and hot guys image good girls, music, and lany image
Baby, come back, I know my way around your heart, Don't start thinking,Things have kinda changed, They're different from what they are

H - Happier - Ed Sheeran

ed sheeran, divide, and singer image album, divide, and ed sheeran image
'Cause baby you look happier, you do, My friends told me one day I'll feel it too, And until then I'll smile to hide the truth, But I know I was happier with you

I - IDGAF - Dua Lipa

gif, idgaf, and dua lipa image dua lipa and dua image
You say you're sorry, but it's too late now, So save it, get gone, shut up, 'Cause if you think I care about you now, Well, boy, I don't give a fuck

J - Just the same - Charlotte Lawrence

charlotteslawrence and charlotte lawrence image charlotteslawrence and charlotte lawrence image
I fuckin' hate you, But I love you just the same, You tear my heart out, In just the perfect way

K - Kill 'em with kindness - Selena Gomez

Image by dohadohanabil93 selena gomez, kill em with kindness, and revival image
We’re running out of time, Chasing our lies, Everyday a small piece of you dies, Always somebody, You’re willing to fight, to be right

L - Live in the moment - Portugal. The Man

band, music, and portugal the man image portugal. the man image
Ooo, la-la-la-la-la, Let's live in the moment, Come back Sunday morning, A lie, oh, well, When you're gone

M - Merry go round - Machine gun kelly

bloom, habits, and machine gun kelly image machine gun kelly and ️mgk image
Merry, merry, merry go round, I don’t want to see you down, I don’t want to see you frown, Merry go round...Look...

N - Not today - Imagine Dragons

music and imagine dragons image beautiful, movie, and sam claflin image
And it isn't over unless it is over, I don't wanna wait for that, It's gotta get easier and easier somehow, But not today, not today

O - Obsessed - Maggie Lindemann

maggie lindemann, girl, and tumblr image girl, fashion, and maggie lindemann image
You're so obsessed with yourself, Maybe you should undress with yourself? Hey, Get a table for two, your ego and you, Take him home and make a move

P - Personal - The Vamps ft. Maggie Lindemann

personal, the vamps, and maggie lindemann image the vamps image
Don't take it personal, But personally, I think you'd be better with somebody like me, But worse of all, you don't even see, Girl, don't take it personal

Q - Quisiera - CNCO

Image by Alyssa Mohammed 🇦🇷, cnco, and mas alla tour image
Quisiera, Tenerte cada primavera, Poder amarte a mi manera, Desvelarme la noche entera, Cuidar tus sueños y así quisiera

R - River - Eminem ft. Ed Sheeran

eminem and ed sheeran image eminem, marshall, and ed sheeran image
I've been a liar, been a thief, Been a lover, been a cheat, All my sins need holy water, feel it washing over me

S - Stitches - Shawn Mendes

shawn mendes, boy, and wallpaper image shawn mendes, stitches, and boy image
You watch me bleed until I can't breathe, shaking, Falling onto my knees, And now that I'm without your kisses, I'll be needing stitches

T - Torn - James TW

guitar, happy, and singer image boy, boys, and first impressions image
I'm torn, I'm all out of faith, This is how I feel, I'm cold and I am shamed, Lying naked on the floor

U - Uncover - Zara Larsson

zara larsson, Zara, and larsson image zara larsson and girl image
Nobody sees, nobody knows, We are a secret, can't be exposed, That's how it is, that's how it goes, Far from the others, close to each other

V - Viva la vida - Coldplay

Image by bella Chris Martin and coldplay image
It was the wicked and wild wind, Blew down the doors to let me in, Shattered windows and the sound of drums, People couldn't believe what I'd become

W - Where's my love - SYML

syml image music image
Did she run away?, Did she run away? I don’t know, If she ran away, If she ran away, come back home, Just come home


b&w, boy, and eden image and, drugs, and circles image
"I don’t think I love you no more, You never seem to call me lately", Girl, I don’t think you know me at all, 'Cause I never thought I'd have to say this

Y - You and I - One Direction

one direction, zayn malik, and niall horan image one direction, Harry Styles, and liam payne image
You and I, we don't wanna be like them, We can make it 'til the end, Nothing can come between you and I

Z - Zedd ft. Maren Morris & Grey - The Middle

art, grey, and maren morris image Image removed
Oh baby, why don't you just meet me in the middle?, I'm losing my mind just a little, So why don't you just meet me in the middle?, In the middle

I know that the last song isn't on the letter z but I couldn't find a song I know starting with the letter z, soo forgive me? lol

And that's all my people, I hope you enjoyed! If you are reading this, it means you've read the hole article, so thank you for that, it really means a lot. If you liked it leave a heart or reaction, and I'll see YOU my little special person in my next article!

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