What's up Hearters 💗 So, as a lazy girl who doesn't like wearing a lot of make up but still wants to look put together... I've mastered the 'no makeup' makeup look. Here's a little guide to help you fake it..

Eyes 👀

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Personally, eyes are everyone's best feature and are the first thing people tend to notice about another person. Best part? It's super easy to make them pop with minimal effort!

  • Eyelash curlers and mascara are a girls best friend.

Even without mascara, simply curling your eyelashes makes your eyes appear bigger.

  • Mascara is my all time favourite product. If I'm feeling super lazy, mascara is the only thing I'd put on. It really makes your eyes stand out and takes 30 seconds!
  • Eyebrows frame the face.

It's rare that I miss out my eyebrows as they make such a huge difference to your appearance. Sometimes I'll fill them in entirely and other days I'll just brush them and add a few strokes of eyebrow cream to make them look a bit more defined and look thicker.

Face 👶🏼

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  • I always moisturise. It's so important. Dry and flakey skin is super easy to spot and makes you look so washed out. I have sensitive skin so I like to use Simple products. I apply moisturiser liberally before applying some pressed powder to cut through the shine.
  • Bronzer. Probably my second favourite product. I apply to all the places on my face that the sun would hit naturally, giving off the illusion that you truly have been sun kissed! So that includes the forehead, the nose, chin and cheekbones. I can't stress this enough...use sparingly! There's nothing worse than looking orange. Remember, the point of these products are to enhance certain features.
  • Blush. Blush is perfect to add some rosiness to your cheeks. Again, use sparingly. Less is more.

Lips 👄

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I naturally have very dark pink almost red lips so most days all I use is lip balm to keep them soft and to add some shine.

  • Benefit Bene Balm is my favourite. I love the rosiness colour it gives to your lips and it also smells amazing, bonus!
  • Vaseline in Rose also gives the same colour/effect and nourishes your lips at the same time.

Sticking to natural colours such as blushes and roses makes your lips pop and gives off the 'no makeup makeup' vibe.

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  • Highlighter is optional. Personally, unless I'm on holiday, I tend to hold back as I have very oily skin anyways. The less shine the better for me! But this does add a little something extra and makes it look like you spent a decent amount of time beating your face. Stick to champagne colours as they're not as in your face as some of the blue/ pearlescent hues.

Overall my makeup routine takes between 5-10 minutes depending on how lazy I'm feeling.

I hope this little article helps 💋