Hey guys! So, before you read just know this is just me expressing my emotions about relationships etc. Weheartit seemed like the perfect place to write them down. I'd love to hear about your personal experiences, don't be shy message me anytime! Enjoy cariños!

Have you ever gotten your hopes up with a guy that seemed like he was into you? I have and it sucks, why? Because some part of you hopes he'll look at you the same way you look at him

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It basically describes me

You then start thinking to yourself, "who would bother looking at me twice, let alone once?". Will I ever be with anyone who I find attractive and who can accept me for me and not want to change me.

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Have you guys ever truly thought about this? And when I say this I mean aside from your physical appearance, your personality, your faults, your quirks, your sarcastic remarks, your laughter, your scars...

You see him with her and wonder, "what attracted him to her? What do guys see in her? What does she have that I don't have? Confidence? Beauty? Is my resting B face scaring them all away?"

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Then I'll just devote myself to my job, helping people, and my family ;)

You see him with her and all you can do is smile like it doesn't hurt your chest, all of a sudden your whole mood changes and you find yourself in a gloom. Every time you sigh it feels like you're releasing this huge breath you have been holding in for so long. It feels almost like when you have been underwater for a long time and when you finally come up for air, there's this sharp pain in your chest; close but not the same.

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I have no words

You feel this void inside of you like you'll be sucked in if you let your thoughts control your life. At times you think you're missing something or someone, maybe even yourself?

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The mind itself is so powerful it scares me sometimes

The only thing you will ALWAYS have no matter what, aside from maybe family is yourself. Might as well learn to appreciate yourself and all your insecurities. Know that you have a purpose in this world and life always makes sure to put things in place where they are meant to be. It will get better, and if not then you'll always have weheartit <3

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(Special Note from author) Don't let this article get you down, my purpose was just to somehow put out these pent up feelings I've had. Know that you're all unique and amazing in your own way, remember to learn to love yourself first and you'll never be alone. The world is a beautiful place (humans just suck), take in your surroundings and you'll find yourself through the worlds many beauties.

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