Supermodel by SZA

"I'm writing this letter to let you know
I'm really leaving
And no I'm not keeping your shit
Heard you got some new homies
Got some new hobbies
Even a new hoe too
Maybe she can come help you
Maybe she can come lay do
After we're done
What's done is done
I don't want nothing else to do with it"

He probably found a new chic to deal with as he has always been screwing around with other girls behind my back even when we were dating. Maybe that's how he got over me. I left him because I was sick of his lies and his shitty actions.

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"Why am I so easy to forget like that?
It can't be that easy for you to get like that"

He got over me very quickly even though he told me it would not be easy to forget me.

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"Leave me lonely for prettier women
You know I need too much attention
For shit like that
You know you wrong
For shit like that"

The most relatable quote from the song. He was a photographer and he would always have photo shoots with the other models that were prettier and better looking than me. He would also go on dates with this girl and meet her without telling me. And he never admitted that whatever he was doing was wrong. He kept a lot of things from me and he was never honest with me.

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"I could be your supermodel
If you believe
If you see it in me
See it in me
See it in me"

He was always hitting on my insecurities and making fun of the way I dress or the way I look. When i don't wear makeup or when my hair is frizzy or even when I'm wearing baggy jeans although I felt cute in it. Being a photographer, he hardly got me in his photo shoots and would always complain with the way I was posing on the camera.

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"Why I can't stay alone just by myself?
Wish I was comfortable just with myself
But I need you
I need you
I need you"

I wanted to leave him earlier but I was so dependent on him. We were constantly on and off because I could not accept the idea of being alone. I had no friends to rely on and I was always with him where ever I go. I felt like I needed him for support because I was depressed and lonely.

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"And they was right
That's why I stayed with ya
The—the dick was too good
It made me feel good
For temporary love
You was a temporary lover"

The relationship was built on lust. We were friends with benefits before we dated. The sex was good at times but it got me thinking how temporary things can be. I felt like he loved me because I was always fulfilling his sexual needs.

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