Hi guys, so two days ago I wrote an article called 'colors in my name' and you guys seemed to like it a lot; so today I decided to do a similar one, going more in deep. This article is about flowers contained in the letters of my name. I kind of like these ideas for the article because it is a nice way to know more about your personality and identity.

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Again, if you didn't know my name is Chiara.
Let's get starteddddd

C : carnation flower

flowers, pink, and carnation image carnation, flower, and pink image beautiful, flower, and nature image cake, flowers, and wedding image flowers, pink, and red image beautiful, flower, and pink image
meaning: love, fascination and distincion. They are referred to as the 'flowers of the gods'. In Latin, it means the 'incarnation' of God in flesh.

H : hortensia

flowers and blue image beautiful, summer, and colorful image flowers, street, and white image flowers, blue, and nature image background, beautiful, and flores image flowers, spring, and pink image

meaning: pink heartfelt emotion, blue frigidity and apology, white boasting or bragging, purple desire to deeply understand someone.

I : iris

flower, purple, and white image background, photo, and purple image flowers, pink, and aesthetic image beautiful, color, and flower image beautiful, flower, and iris image Image by ametist rose
meaning: faith, valor and wisdom.

A : alstroemeria

flores and alstroemeria aurantiaca image flowers, inspiration, and perfection image alstroemeria flower, peruvian lily, and lily of the incas image alive, arrangement, and background image bright, colorful, and flowers image explore, Malaga, and front page image
meaning: also called 'peruvian lily', friendship and devotion.

R : ranunculus

beautiful, bouquet, and flowers image beautiful, bouquet, and pretty image flowers and cute image flower, pink, and roses image beautiful, bouquet, and colors image Image removed
meaning: 'I am dazzled by your charms.'

A : african daisy

African, daisy, and white image beautiful, bokeh, and brown image flowers, wallpaper, and purple image flowers, nature, and beautiful image flowers and pink image beautiful, bokeh, and brown image
meaning: innocence, purity, new beginnings, true love and also that the sender can keep a secret.

So guys this is the article, hope you liked it at least as much as the previous one. I found it very interesting and I am so happy with the flowers contained in my name, I like them all and I dind't even know their names !
New articles are coming soon,