So lately I've been really not-satisfied with myself as a person in and out.But I told myself that I will try myself my best to change that and be proud of who I am,and reach my goals,so I wanted that to share that with you.

1.Grow my eyebrows
I already started 2 months ago using some oils for my eyebrows so they will grow,and I see a difference so I'm really happy.

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2.I need to study harder to reach my goals and go to the university that I want
This is really hard for me since I am addicted on my phone and social media,but I'm determinded for what I want to do.I installed in my phone an app which is called AppBlock and it is about blocking social media for a while so you can not be interrupted while you're studying. + I found lots of study tips that I hope that they will help me.

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3.I need to learn to cook
I just really want to cook so I won't need anyone to cook for me.

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4.I want to improve my make up
For this one,I watch lots of videos on youtube (make up tutorials) and practice every time that I have enough time.

Image by Eliamara Kevelin ♔

5.Have this life that I see on WHI
Kinda impossible,but well I won't stop believing in that I can do it.

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6.Find myself,find my style,be happy
To achieve this,I just try lots of new stuff and activities and try do to things that I love so I can unsderstand what I want in my life.

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Thanks for reading xoxo

-pictures aren't mine,I found them on WHI-