I was not expecting this.
I wasn't really.

But I still had my hopes high for another nice February comeback and finally NCT U showed them who's BOSS in their brand new MV.

nct, kpop, and lucas image

Apart from having my biases in NCT U again (which are Mark, Dooyoung and Jaehyun if you're curious) SM is going strong. With Red Velvet making such huge success it was about time for NCT to shine too. I really think that this is the year of the newest generation groups of SM Entertainment.

kpop, lucas, and mark image
kpop, red velvet, and gif image

And let me not start on Lucas (his rap tho).

lucas, nct, and nct u image lucas, nct, and nct u image
the bias wrecker for sure
nct, lucas, and kpop image

How to capture my attention:

kpop, lucas, and mark image

Plus, let's not forget about Taeyong and WinWin (who still has the least lines tho) killing it with visuals.

nct, nct u, and taeyong image
winwin, boss, and nct u image

And Jungwoo who looks like is a vocal and has an amazing voice.

nct, jungwoo, and nct u image
that blue hair tho


kpop, mark, and taeyong image
kpop, nct 127, and mark image
gif, jaehyun, and nct image
gif, mark, and nct image
doyoung, nct u, and kpop image

If you're interested: