Goddess of Wisdom, Skill and War
bright, gold, and magic image crown, gold, and book image athena, aesthetic, and statue image aesthetic, pretty, and sword image


Goddess of Love, Pleasure and Eternal Beauty
red, girl, and light image rose, red, and grunge image makeup, rose, and beauty image red, love, and quotes image


God of the Sky and King of the Gods. He controls Lightning and Thunder
lightning, purple, and sky image aesthetic, Zeus, and roca image Image removed boy, man, and sexy image


God of the Sea and Earthquakes
sea, ocean, and blue image aesthetic image poseidon, statue, and god image man and water image


God of the Underworld and the Dead
angel and dark image smoke, grunge, and indie image photography image skull, black and white, and satan image


Goddess of Marriage, Family and Queen of Gods
beautiful image girl, princess, and wedding image boobs, gorgeous, and scarlett leithold image dress and wedding image


God of Music, Art, Healing, Poetry and Light
arrow, archer, and archery image music, piano, and book image harp image boy and man image


Goddess of Hunting, Chastity and the Moon
arrow, bow, and archery image moon image witch, flowers, and magic image amazing, art, and beautiful image


God of Fire, Metalworking and Stone Masonry
fire, night, and bonfire image beautiful, photography, and hands image Image by juli Image by larksings


God of Fertility, Wine, Festivity, Drunkenness, Chaos and Ecstasy
Image by Artemis drink, wine, and glass image red, chaos, and quotes image aesthetic, aesthetics, and black white image