Today I want to start with “The 30 Day Writing Challenge”

Day 1: List 10 things that make you really happy

~ Listening to the music (I know, I know it´s a cliché but who doesn’t enjoy it?)

music, grunge, and nirvana image
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~ Going to the cinema (I really love going to the cinema. It doesn’t matter the movie I just love the experience)

~ Reading (Another cliché but reading has opened my mind and I could know many things I didn’t before)

~ Hanging out with my friends (Maybe this is one of my favorite because it makes me feel so happy and every time we go out we create memories to keep)

~ Sleeping (Sleeping it´s one of my favorite things to do. I feel I can escape from to real world just for a moment and forget everything)

~ Learning new things (I really love learning new things, it doesn’t matter what)

~ Doing yoga or some sports (Yoga makes me feel connected to my soul and it’s a great way to get to know yourself)

~ Listening to the people´s stories (Every person is a universe and every story is a world to know)

~ Watching series or fashion shows (Just love both of them so I couldn't pick one)

hbo, tv show, and big little lies image fashion, style, and clothes image

~ And the last but not least, talking with my mom (I don’t have words to describe how happy it makes me)

EXTRA: I love going to the theater because I love acting and when I see actors close to me I admire how they´re into their roles and there is nothing more to them than the character they´re doing in that moment.

I´m doing this because I think it’s a good way to start writing, getting know myself better and you people can know me a little bit more.

That´s all for today. Hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading me ♡