A short one, as always. How to know when you're on your right path? Easy question, one answer.
How do you react when you see/interact with people you think stand some way 'higher' than you. I mean, doing things you want to be able to do, maybe travelling places, reaching corporate goals, having the 'perfect' life?
Now, if you feel jealaousy, rage, injustice maybe, you're probably just affected because you - contiously or not, want to be this person is, do the things they do. Because you may think they're perhaps happy and fulfilled? Our whole lives we strive to happiness and fulfillment and often are angly at the people we think 'have it better' (they may not be though, but that's another topic for another article).
Summed up, if you feel the things I just described, you probably feel that in order to achieve love, happiness, etc., you need to be in another place in life. Which is not true.
However, if you feel inspired and happy for the said person, that means you already feel good about your life and self and don't need an outer force to feel the way you feel.
So my advice is, empower your inner god/dess and live life. Practice self love and appreciation and grattitude. Feel happy and loved.
Because I love you. And I believe in you.
Much love,

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