I have always been fascinated with poetry. Now I may not be able to write it very well (trust me, I've tried) but I gladly admire the work of those that can. In a plain composition notebook, hidden among the others sitting on my bookshelf, I have my book of poems. In it I've written the poems I've encountered that have touched me in some way. There are hundreds of poems written on the pages that either I've come across while scrolling through We Heart It, some I found in books, and even the horrible ones I've written. It's my own sanctuary of words. I don't go back to re-read the poems after I've written them down very often. I think it's the act of writing them down that means something to me. It's knowing that the author's words are somewhere in the world other than where they first displayed them. I normally read them when I'm feeling down, or looking for a certain one. But writing them down and storing them away, knowing only I know what's inside, gives me a sense of security.

So let me share some of my favorites with you.

I wish someone
had warned me
when I was younger,
now I stay up all night and weep;
the ghosts of everything
you have loved and lost
come back to haunt you in your sleep
-Nikita Gill
Loneliness is a sign
you are in desperate need
of yourself
-Rupi Kaur
I wish you were
still just a
human to me
I don't want
to look at you
and see poetry
She gave herself in small doses
so when people left
it would hurt less
as relationships came and went
the doses became smaller
till she no longer felt
the need to give
-Samantha King
They say to find
that compliments you
that is an extension of yourself
but how can I
if I don't know
who I am