so what are human beings? what can they be defined as?

to me, a human being feels. a human being breathes and lives. no matter who you are, what you are- you live no matter how you see it. and you are loved.

some days, i walk around feeling numb and not knowing exactly what i'm doing or how i am feeling. i won't really know what i'm talking about, almost as if i'm unconscious but here and alive.

some days, i feel inspired. inspired to live more or get into a healthier lifestyle. some days, i feel so anxious that i barely want to do anything or talk to anyone. but some days, i feel happy and content with whom i am.

but that's just how i am, how we humans are. we feel things we want to feel and feel the feelings we don't want to encounter. we live on this earth not knowing exactly how to live like we should but the real questions here now is- how do you choose to live your life? how do you dictate how your life works?

its all up to you, and no one else.

sincerely yours,