Your Monthly Glow Up Kit!

Hello! I'm a bit late considering it is February when I'm posting this, but better late than never. This will be your glow up kit for the next 3 months and with consistency you will see results in your health, body, skin, and mindset. I will update this every month with added steps, advice, etc,.

Let's begin!

Self Cleanse

Spend your first few (2-3) weeks up to the first month focusing on your mind and body spiritually. This is an important step in glowing up because this is what keeps motivated throughout the period of 3 months (or longer if you plan on continuing this lifestyle!)

Meditation & Yoga

Let's summarize meditation and yoga's benefits.

Meditation reduces pain, enhances the immune system, reduces feelings of depression, anxiety, anger, and confusion, increases blood flow, slows heart rate, helps reverse heart disease, helps control thoughts, increases energy, reduces stress, and provides a sense of calm, peace and balance.

Yoga benefits overall mental health, strong immune system, reduces risk of heart disease, improves your bone health, better respiration, regulates your adrenal glands, weight loss, balanced metabolism, helps you focus, increased flexibility, helps keep you drug free, inner strength, improved sleep, and makes you happier.

(The list goes on for both of these)

Meditating is such a powerful way to really grow your mind and change the way you look at things. I was never into meditation until I started it the first day of the February and after even my first couple of sessions, you really do feel a difference.

This is a really good collection on how to meditate!

Yoga is another great way to connect with yourself, it can also help you get fit and gain flexibility. Be care though, you don't want to out-do yourself and cause harm! Start with simple poses and work your way up!

And these are great collections of yoga poses and how to do them!

Lifestyle Apps

Self maintence
  • Water Drink Reminder, self explanatory (there's many others out there this happens to be the name of the one I use) this also tracks other beverages like energy drinks, smoothies/juice, coffee, and tea.
  • Clue, a period tracker app that predicts when your cycle is, documents your daily condition (like blood amount, medication, skin condition, mood,...), and tells you when your fertile window is (which should only matter if you are of age to be getting pregnant).
  • Daylio, this tracks how your day was like a diary/journal would. You can set reminders to notify you when you should add a new entry, add a new emoticon with a activity as well as add a note with your current mood at that time/date. Shows you your average for every emotion you have so you know where you should improve to live a happier life.

If you want a combo app, try Fabulous!

Meditation & Yoga
  • Fitify, this app provides different kinds of stretching and flexibility exercises with videos and animated demos. You also have the option to select how much time you have or want to do them for from 5 mins up to an hour.
  • Daily Yoga (literally the name of it), another yoga app that gives you demonstrations, with a 10-day beginner tour to start with.
  • Prana Breath, this is a meditating app, but it also helps you calm down so if you have anxiety this app could be for you too! The gimmick of it is breathing exercises and you get to choose the lay out of how it looks to your preference and the breath methods you want to go with before you start. (Daily practices with set reminders you make)
  • Headspace, a guided meditation app that helps you with your mindfulness. It includes a wide arrange of categories such as, stress and sleeplessness.
  • 10% Happier, a meditation app for the ones who fidget! Guided, let's you set how much time you have (as a lot of the ones listed do), provides courses that focus on different problems.
  •, if you find music helpful to music, meditate with, relax with or to fall asleep to then this is the app for you. Variety of genres and white noise.
  • Calm, sleep stories, white noise, breathing exercises, daily meditation challenges.
Honourable mentions are:

Aware, Shleep, Pacifica, Atmosphere, Sleepo, Abide and so much more explore your options!

Start Right Now!

After you've finished reading this, you might think to yourself "this would never work" "meditation isn't for me" "why would I need this?" and I'll answer all of those questions for you. (If you have questions, please don't be afraid to ask me I'm here to help you)

  • There isn't a certain person meditation is for, you won't know if it's working for you within the first or second day, and it's good to switch up your courses.
  • This is an important because it keeps your mind clear during this whole process, when you go through a change, big or small, it affects you, your body, your mindset and cause you to have mood swings even depression or anxiety.
  • Meditation builds you right back up and keeps you motivated, and yoga keeps you strong and youthful.
  • Meditating is great to do 5-15 mins before and after you have worked out.
  • Yoga is great to do as a way of stretching before you work out so you aren't sore, the training moves are easier, and you finish off feeling refreshed and not tired.

Most importantly, a healthy mind + a healthy body = a happy life!

And remember it takes 60 days to develop a habit!

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