Hey guys, welcome to my first article. Here are some ideas on what to do at a sleepover so you can stay entertained the whole time. BTW THE #1 RULE IS TO STAY OFF YOUR PHONE... hope these help : )


If you & your gal pals are a little bit & want something different (maybe a change of scenery), sleeping under the stars could not be more perfect. you can either go to the nearest park/beach or just in your backyard (make sure it is safe 1st)

TIPS: bring mossy spray (you do not want to get eaten alive !!!)
bring more than one dove or maybe even some sleeping bags
check the weather before. you do NOT want to get rained on
AND FINALLY.. if you have a trampoline sleep on that it is a much more comfortable alternative :)

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let me tell you this is the grossest thing you will ever do but it makes your sleepover night so much more fun. you can get a bean boozed pakage from the local convenience store. for this activity you just have to let go and have fun !!

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getting up early is the biggest hassle ever and i bet you its the last thing you want to do on a sleepover, but, let me tell you it is so much easier and much more fun with a friend/s. you can either walk early in the morning to where you will see the prettiest version of the sunset or i like to go on a morning jog with my friends.

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i personally find it so much fun when my friends and i get together and make a dance, either a silly one or a proper one, it is always so much fun. dancing may not be your thing but when you get together with your friends and you dance around to your favourite hits, it is the best

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THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING THIS ARTICLE - i hope this was helpful. please keep in mind this is what i like to do so it may not be for everyone :)