This article will allow all of you to get to know me a little better.


champion, fashion, and style image fashion, girl, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image planet, galaxy, and grunge image
My style is super simple honestly. I usually wear sweatshirts or maybe a tee shirt with some jeans.


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Basically to sum up my personality I'm a sarcastic fan girl.


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Yellow. Because I am just like yellow; I'm so bright, but sometimes too bright. And it is also my favorite color.


greenhouse academy image fairy tail, anime, and chibi image blackish image
Blackish, Fairy Tail (It is spelled like that),and Greenhouse Academy are all amazing shows.


books, cress, and fairytale image sophie foster, shannon messenger, and keeper of the lost cities image book, books, and lauren child image books, the land of stories, and 😍 image
Most of the books I read are fantasy. And all of the books that were listed are series (including Keeper of the Lost Cities but couldn't find all the books in a pic)


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If you are unsure of any of these people here they are in order from left to right: ChloeXHalle, Next Town Down, Lecrae, and Mali Music. All their voices are great in their own way.


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I mean...who doesn't like food?


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9 times out of 10 I'm listening to music and singing along. I've been told that I can sing, but it is a debatable topic. I play tennis, and I love to write.


importance, michelle, and obama image hamilton and quotes image fire, frustration, and fuel image quotes and strong image quotes, michelangelo, and learning image quotes, beauty, and book image
Yes, I do realize there is a Hamilton reference (for those who may notice.) Quotes...quotes say the things I wish I could say, or they say the thing I wish I could remember.

Well, that is all for this article. I hope you learned some new things about me. See you in the next article! :)