Howdy, so due to the AMAZING response to my first article that I posted I wanted to share with you guys who I actually am! As indicated in the title, please don't expect anything more than boring lmao, due to this - I'm not going to write a full on autobiography. So here are some dot points!

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Nice to meet you:

  • my name is breanna (call me bre please)
  • i am 17 years old, but turn 18 in june (yay to adulthood)
  • i have blonde hair, brown eyes and i am very tall
  • i'm australian!
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Now we're acquaintances:

  • i'm quite shy and very awkward (yuck)
  • i'm studying to be a high school teacher, majoring in business and english
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Let's be friends:

  • i'm a cancer (the traits match me so well)
  • is it lame to say that i like 'indie' music and listening to music that i've never before heard is my favourite thing to bop to
  • you might have thought i was quiet before but SIKE i'm actually crazy and once i am comfortable with you i'm not afraid to be myself
  • i'm into health and fitness although i allow myself to be naughty every now and then teehee (dark chocolate is my weakness)
  • i am extremely organised and a perfectionist
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You're my BEST FRIEND!

  • i have a youtube channel, which i am so passionate about and would LOVE if you supported me too, i'm so close to 500 subscribers!! (ok only one of my best friends know about my channel) (
  • i'm really compassionate and extremely empathetic, so if you are struggling i won't leave you alone until i fix you (yes i am that annoying)
  • i'm gay! (ok i havent actually told any (but one) of my best friends (or my family for that matter) this yet either)
  • i trust people online more than people i know irl (obviously, as i just told you my two deepest secrets)

After reading this, you have successfully become my best friend! Lovely to meet you and I am excited to continue our relationship together teehe!
I'm so excited to see where this article writing takes me and hopefully I can share my advice and passions with you!

Much love <3 Bre x