Hi! I am going to try to improve my looks over the course of this new year. I have been self conscious about my looks ever since turning into a teenager.
I understand that beauty is not always about what's on the outside. It's shallow to care only about one's looks, and I care about many other things, like my studies, friendships, and extracurricular activities.
However, I feel that by doing this I can increase my self esteem and feel happier.
What I don't like about myself:
1) My beauty marks:
I have so many on my face, and it doesn't look good in pictures.
How I will fix it:
I will buy lemons and apply lemon juice to my face as often as I can. This apparently will fade them! Also I will wear sunscreen every day(This I will definitely try to keep).
2) My glasses:
They are annoying to wear and clean, and when I wear them, my side profile looks terrible.
How I will fix it:
My parents promised me that if I keep straight A's until the end of the semester, I will be able to get eye contacts.
3) My skin:
I don't have many skin problems, just blackheads on my nose and some occasional irritation on my forehead. My chin is dry sometimes, and the areas around my nose are slightly dry.
How I will fix it:
I will apply lotion often, clean my face two times a day, and perhaps buy salicylic acid cream to apply on my nose.
4) My body
I used to do a school sport, but now I don't. I'm not as fit anymore, but still skinny. I'd like to strengthen my core muscles again.
How I will fix it:
I will try to jump rope often. I heard I can perhaps grow taller, and I could use a couple more inches or cm. Also I will stretch and do sets of curl ups when I have time.
I am not writing this for people to read, but rather as a personal diary I can read later if I successfully follow through with this plan.
If you are interested in my journey, keep reading as this year passes by!