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Today I´ll be doing the 30 song challenge, I saw this tag all over WHI and I thought it would be super fun to do it! If you´ve read some of my other articles, you probably noticed I love aesthetic boards, so I´ll make one for each song of this challenge.

Note: The cover of the article is hopeless fountain kingdom because I want that vinyl SO bad. Halsey is a Goddess. Having said this, let´s start!

Blue Jeans - Lana del Rey
A song with a color on the title

boy, Hot, and smoke image Image removed couple, love, and grunge image girl, grunge, and cigarette image

100 Letters - Halsey
A song with a number on the title

grunge, indie, and table image girl, grunge, and tumblr image bathroom, blue, and floor image Image removed

Malibu - Miley Cyrus
A song that reminds me of summer

girl, summer, and yellow image summer, boy, and travel image love, couple, and yellow image Image by k

The Weight - Shawn Mendes
A song that reminds me of someone I wish to forget

music, boy, and guitar image boy, eyes, and eye image holding hands and Relationship image hands, couple, and tumblr image

No Scrubs - TLC
A song that needs to be played out loud

red, aesthetic, and vintage image sad, u, and fck image blonde, money, and old image red, car, and boy image

Rich Girl - Gwen Stefani
A song that makes me want to dance

dress, red, and fashion image henna, india, and gold image body, rich, and decor image crown, Queen, and gold image

Drive - Halsey
A song to drive to

car, cigarette, and smoke image love, couple, and kiss image purple, grunge, and aesthetic image dark, Darkness, and fashion image

Drunk - Ed Sheeran
A song about drugs or alcohol

water, blue, and eyes image vodka, alcohol, and grunge image blue, cool, and blur image blue, blur, and blurry image

I Want To Hold Your Hand - The Beatles
A song that makes me happy

love, couple, and hands image couple, love, and kiss image Abusive image love, hands, and couple image

Cancer - Twenty One Pilots
A song that makes me sad

lips, girl, and skin image aesthetic, body, and art image eleven, pretty, and stranger things image eye, eyes, and cry image

You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift
A song I never get tired of

Taylor Swift, you belong with me, and love image Taylor Swift and you belong with me image Taylor Swift and you belong with me image kiss and you belong with me image

Hit the Lights - Selena Gomez
A song from my preteen years

Image removed friends, sunset, and sky image friends and adventure image boy, friends, and converse image

If You Leave Me Now - Chicago
A song you like from the 70s

black and white, cam, and hand image love, sad, and don't go image aesthetic, black and white, and black theme image bird, aesthetic, and grunge image

Tenerife Sea - Ed Sheeran
A song you'd love to be played at your wedding

couple, love, and sea image couple, love, and wedding image love, couple, and beach image amor, heart, and asi image

Can´t Help Falling In Love - Twenty One Pilots
A song you like that's a cover by another artist

couple, love, and dance image 1990, 80s, and couple image couples, love, and fashion image couple, love, and goals image

Every Breath You Take - The Police
A song that's a classic favorite

face, women, and faces image feet, aesthetic, and indie image girl, photography, and vintage image eyes, tv, and art image

Start Of Something New - High School Musical
A song you'd sing a duet with someone on karaoke

high school musical, zac efron, and troy bolton image high school musical and start of something new image high school musical, vanessa hudgens, and zac efron image lol, sing, and music image

Livin La Vida Loca -Ricky Martin
A song from the year you were born

friends, friendship, and best friends image photography, run, and nature image fun, summer, and party image friends, summer, and fun image

A Change Of Heart - The 1975
A song that makes you think about life

Image by afrobeatgirl makeup, aesthetic, and pink image aesthetic, boy, and eye image flowers, pink, and tumblr image

Don´t Dream Its Over - Crowded House
A song that has many meanings to you

aesthetic, faded, and plant image flowers, peace, and police image peace, people, and police image love, quotes, and peace image

Hey there Delilah - Plain White T´s
A song you like with a person's name in the title

girl, legs, and new york image book, music, and aesthetic image headphones, model, and stylish image city, light, and night image

Titanium - David Guetta ft. Sia
A song that moves you forward

aesthetic, alternative, and beautiful image rainbow and madrid image rainbow, grunge, and tumblr image Image by Helena🌸

Watch - Billie Eilish
A song you think everyone should listen to

couple, love, and rose image Image by mr. Marlboro makeup, red, and aesthetic image rose, fire, and aesthetic image

What A Feeling - One Direction
A song by a band you wish were still together

tumblr image love, couple, and city image beach, love, and couple image stars, love, and couple image

Fly Me To The Moon - Frank Sinatra
A song you like by an artist that's no longer living

moon, boy, and couple image sky, stars, and galaxy image Image by 안해 skins, sid, and cassie image

I Was Made For Loving You - Tori Kelly ft. Ed Sheeran
A song that makes you want to fall in love

love, couple, and train image love, couple, and kiss image love, couple, and sea image couple, Relationship, and outfit image

Never Be Alone - Shawn Mendes
A song that breaks your heart

girl, vintage, and indie image love, couple, and hug image Image by Valentina adorable, alone, and beach image

Sweet Creature - Harry Styles
A song by an artist whose voice you love

flowers, smile, and braces image alone and girl image yellow, flowers, and bike image flowers, girl, and photography image

Time after Time - Cindy Lauper
A song you remember from your childhood

road image alternative, indie, and outdoors image movie scene, romantic, and ​amor image white, bed, and aesthetic image
I was obsessed with Ashley Tisdale´s cover

Littlest Things - Lily Allen
A song that reminds you of yourself

couple, dreams, and grunge image dreams, vintage, and lily allen image dreams, quote, and vintage image art, lily allen, and Lyrics image

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