I cried, hopelessly. I was confused. I was scared. I didn't know what was happening. My father was crying. Policemen ran around. Fire was rising from the car window. I waited outside by my dad's side. One of the police officers came up to us and told us to leave. As my father walked away with me, I looked back. 'Stay Out!' tape surrounded the disaster. This was the day my life had a missing piece to it.

My life used to be perfect. I had family who loved me endlessly. I had a mother to sing me to sleep. But I lost all of that. Too quickly...

When I was 6, my mother died in a car crash. My father didn't know how to react. He was already struggling with depression as it was. Ten years later, he thought of my mum again. He ended up staying in the house for weeks. I had to do the weekly shopping for him. As I walked out of the supermarket, I noticed something lying on the floor. It was an envelope. A red stamp secured the top of the envelope down. I bent down, picked it up, and flipped the envelope over. On the back it read:

Dear finder, take this with care. Don't show anyone.

I decided to slip it into my grocery bag, and left. I hurried back home. I wanted to know what was inside of the envelope. Money? A letter? Both? All these questions hovered around me like bees in a flower patch. After 15 minutes, I got home. I opened the front door, put the bags on the kitchen bench, grabbed the envelope and hurried upstairs to my room. Slamming the door behind me, I walked over to my bed. As I sat down, I thought my decision through. Do I really want to know what's in here? Should I be opening this? I mean, it's addressed to anyone, technically... Without another thought, I ripped it open. In it, I found two things. A letter and photos. I took out the four photos and put them on my lap. One was my mother and father's wedding. The second one was the festival next on beach. The third one was a picture of me with my mum. The last one was me at my ballet class.

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I put the photos back in the envelope and took out a letter. I read it slowly and thoroughly.

Dear family,

You must be devastated that I have left you so early. My death's timing wasn't planned but my death was. So was this envelope. I knew your father would become depressed if I died. He always counted on me to keep his spirits high. I knew he would not want to see the world after I perished. I knew that you would have to help him with daily and weekly things. I placed that envelope there for you to find. I haven't left you entirely. I am still here while you sit on your bed reading this. I still love you and your father. While I am no longer seen or heard, you must know one thing; You must hope.

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