Honey; knows how to comfort you, cries during sad movies, always a little sleepy, easily distracted by dogs, admires pretty things, loves the moon

shadow, photography, and aesthetic image alternative, aesthetic, and beauty image

Baby; loves being surprised, really affectionate, laughs easily, makes everything into a little adventure, is comfortable in silence, daydreamer

girl, beach, and summer image kendall jenner, icon, and model image

Darling; loves long conversations, has a notebook full of words and art, likes art museums and flower gardens, feel a bit lost all the time, deep thinker

art, drawing, and draw image aesthetic, art, and beauty image

Cutie; gets excited about the stars, uses a lot of emojis when texting, easily anxious, hugs you when they see you, loves cakes, wants to be a flower

girl, coffee, and hair image blonde, city, and girl image

Angel; a little quiet, kind-hearted, rarely feels like they belong, wants to befriend woodland creatures, loves cherries and sunsets, always feel nostalgic

girl, smile, and beauty image girl, smile, and alexis ren image