Chen animal christmas exo
The selfish me, who always knew only myself. The heartless me, who didn’t even know your heart

— 2 : BEAUTIFUL ; wanna one

kpop aesthetic Superthumb minhyun
Seeing myself standing alone in the mirror, it’s strange and I’m afraid, I need you

— 3 : FINE ; taeyeon

girls generation after girl girls generation
When one day, one month, one year passes, you said you’d probably smile and reminisce but not me. It won’t be easy for me. Still, you fill up my days

— 4 : FOOL ; winner

korean black and white alternative Superthumb
I was selfish, only knew myself. I think I’m crazy, it’s me who pushed you away

— 5 : LONELY ; sistar

Superthumb aesthetic Superthumb Superthumb
With time, everything will be forgotten, and so will you. That’s what’s really sad

— 6 : STAY ; blackpink

heart aesthetic red kpop
Before the dark night traps me in, don’t leave me. Do you still love me? If you feel the same don’t leave today

— 7 : TOY ; block b

zico kpop dean Superthumb
If love is a joke, then use me ruthlessly

— 8 : WIND ; ftisland

Superthumb aesthetic black and white aesthetic
I need you, I love you. My broken heart calls you, I love you always.


day6 alternative Superthumb Superthumb
You were beautiful; your eyes that looked at me, your voice that called out to me

— 10 : LONELY ; jonghyun feat. taeyeon

Superthumb aesthetic anime gg
I don’t want to make it obvious to you, I’m used to just holding it in

— 11 : I'M FINE THANK YOU ; ladies code

Superthumb aesthetic black city
Only for today, I'll cry. I hope you're forever happy. Goodbye.

— 12 : THE LIGHT ; the ark

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb
Hold my hand when you need somebody, I’ll be that somebody somebody, we’re in this for life

— 13 : DEAR NAME ; iu

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb
I’ll wait a long time, I will find you. You may be so far that I can’t see you. Let’s go where the dawn ends

— 14 : GOODBYE ; 2ne1

2ne1 2ne1 bird Superthumb
Don’t go. Don’t say you’re gonna leave me. Don’t leave me behind in the memories

— 15 : ROUGH ; gfriend

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb kpop
I wasn’t able to tell you but I liked you. Like a dream from the younger days, like a miracle

— 16 : LONELY ; kino

Superthumb gif aesthetic Superthumb
In this dark silence where everything has stopped, I'll send my echo to you who I can't reach

— 17 : DON'T GO ; exo

exo black Superthumb exo
Can’t believe, can’t believe your words, saying that love has stopped

— 18 : HELLO ; nuest

Jonghyun pledis light Jonghyun
Even if you make fun of me by saying I’m a coward, I can’t go. Do you know how I feel?

— 19 : LOVE IS NOT OVER ; bts

kpop aesthetic Superthumb kpop
Love is so painful. Goodbyes are even more painful. I can’t go on if you’re not here

— 20 : BROKEN HEART ; monsta x

kpop beautiful aesthetic jooheon
I don’t need any sweet love songs, it’s broken heart, I don’t have a song to make you stay