hello! today i'm going to be presenting with you a few room ideas. while this year, i will be going for a minimalist theme; there are also a few other themes you could go for! i hope this helps you, especially for the ones who love interior design as much as me. - and, i love interior design a lot - i have even considered it as a backup job. xo.


plants, green, and cactus image home, room, and white image bed, bedroom, and room image white, home, and decor image
a minimalist theme can include succulents, white sheets, and a collection of minimal decor.


aesthetic, books, and green image art, indie, and vintage image bed, vintage, and floral image room, bedroom, and aesthetic image
a floral theme can include flowers, floral sheets, and cool paintings of flowers on the wall. i noticed this theme on urban outfitters.


grunge, quotes, and indie image room, tumblr, and grunge image grunge, music, and nirvana image room, bedroom, and band image
a grunge alternative or band theme would be neat. include band posters, prints, tapestries, albums, and all things black. you can have black sheets, pillows, and blankets. maybe hanged merch on the walls.


pink, room, and bedroom image bedroom, room, and white image apple, bed, and pink image beautiful, pastel, and sweet image
a flirty pastel theme; includes lacy curtains, sherbet shades of baby blue, light pink, and banana yellow.

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