I have seen this challenge going arround and it really draw my attenttion, so, here are a few (and my favorites) things about me.

01. Personality

writers block, help me, and i'm a failure image aesthetic, pins, and quotes image quotes, think, and grunge image introvert, funny, and tumblr image

02. Style

Image by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ fashion, style, and indie image jeans, clothes, and girly image clothes, style, and outfit+ image glasses, aesthetic, and indie image girl, vintage, and woman image

03. Colors

pink, aesthetic, and pool image blue and crayon image pink, sky, and clouds image blue, converse, and pink image

04. Food

food, pasta, and spaghetti image chocolate, food, and sweet image cold, delicious, and food image Image by sofia_giaccio31

05. Drinks

tea, drink, and cup image coffee, cup, and black image

06. Music

aesthetic, band, and bands image Taylor Swift, red, and taylor image arctic monkeys, alex turner, and indie image alex gaskarth and all time low image troye sivan, troye, and singer image fall out boy, FOB, and wallpaper image my chemical romance, mcr, and gerard way image the 1975, matt healy, and band image
Panic! At the Disco, Taylor Swift, Arctic Monkeys, All Time Low, Troye Sivan, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance and The 1975

07. Movies

actor, cutie, and Hottie image codes, history, and enigma image ballerina and victor image crimson peak image
Kingsman: The Secret Service, The Imitation Game, The Ballerina, Crimson Peak

08. Books

book, magic, and ya image Image by Rania ∞ book and princess image book, red queen, and glass sword image
A Darker Shade of Magic, Carry On, The Selection, Red Queen

09. Passions

aesthetic, book, and article image hipster, indie, and retro image cinema, vintage, and movie image bed, laptop, and computer image
writing, coloring, watching movies and tv shows

10. TV Shows

wallpaper, doctorwho, and thedoctor image bates motel image htgawm, Connor, and laurel image jessica jones image suits, mike ross, and harvey specter image lucifer, tom ellis, and lucifer morningstar image cw, DC, and heroine image Abusive image
Doctor Who, Bates Motel, How To Get Away With Murder, Jessica Jones, Suits, Lucifer, Supergirl and The 100

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