A - age

B - best movie
Pan's Labyrinth

movie, pan's labyrinth, and o labirinto do fauno image

C - current time
21:13 pm

D - drink you last had

drink, fanta, and vintage image

E - everyday starts with
A good breakfast

food, coffee, and breakfast image

F - favorite song
In moment, Galway Girl - Ed Sheeran

gif, lyric video, and galway girl image
My favorite song is always changing, in one minute I'll choose another

G - grossest memory

The day that I broke my leg, maybe? I really don't know

H - height
1,72 cm

I - in love with
The shape of you...

alternative, edsheeran, and musica+ image
Haha, sorry. But I'm really in love with Ed Sheeran. And popcorn

J - jealous
Yeah, my things are mine. I know that is not cool and I going change this, I hope

jealous, quotes, and yeah image

K - killed someone?
WTF? Do you really believe that someone would say yes?
Haha, no, I never killed someone

cat, funny, and nails image

L - last time you cried?
When I went to see Coco

coco, disney, and movie image
Remember me

M - middle name

N - number of siblings

O - one wish

besties, done, and finally image

P - person you last called / texted

Q - question you’re always asked
What's your name? Should be it. I do not know

R - reasons to smile
I made popcorn

popcorn, food, and yummy image

S - song you last sang
Counting Stars -OneRepublic

counting stars, music, and onerepublic image

T - time you woke up
12:24 pm

U - underwear color

V - vacation place(s)

beach, road, and travel image

W - worst habit

boys, busy, and chilling image

X - x-rays you’ve had
Of my teeth and leg

Y - your favorite food
Popcorn, I guess

popcorn, food, and vintage image

Z - zodiac sign

scorpio image