It is so hard to forget you.
Maybe I am not capable to fully forget you.
But maybe that is the best thing that happened to me.
Me, being incapable to forget you.

Yes, you are beginning to feel like a stranger to me, a whole new person.
But even after that, you being a stranger, I cannot fully forget you.
I did delete your pictures, lost your number
and erased your name out of my head by deleting everything that reminded me
of you.

But every once in a while the thought of you, comes sneaking up to me.
You are like a small thought in an ocean of million thoughts. You fit there perfectly.

I am not thinking about you as often as I did when you told me that the best thing to do is to just not talk anymore, you are dating someone else anyways, so why try?
Hearing that you moved on so quickly made me realize that I cannot just wait and hope for the best. So I am trying to move on too. I am kind of good at it too, Isn't that such a sad thing?

We were, if you ask me, two people who knew every little thought about eachother. You told me that you sometimes while talking to me felt strange because I could see the real you, you felt weak and vunerable. You were not used to that and I am very sorry for that, you could not handle yourself. I am sorry for you.

So even when I did move on too, I also did not move on. While writing this I still see your face and think about the two hours long phone calls we had, every day. Sharing every little detail. I deleted all the pictures but I still have a very clear image of your face wondering around in my head.

If I could do this all over again I would not. I think I could not handle to feel so heartbroken again. So yes, you were right, maybe I should have listened to my friends and just block your number when you did block mine (and later on unblocked it because you missed me and did not want to lose me). And maybe I should not have given you a second chance. And I should not have fallen for the sweet words saying that I would not regret giving you a second chance. I do regret it.

The problem is that I did not listen to my friends because you made me feel special. You made me feel like.. me. So sweet sweet boy, I still miss you. Some days more than others.

There are different times in your life that you'll meet people who are not supposed to stay but just to teach you a lesson. I think you were the second one. And that hurts so much to say out loud. But by the end of this post I do know that that is the truth and that I need to keep the thought of you away somewhere in a closed box... and just move on.

I know that you would not think about me like I am thinking about you. You lost me and I know you would not care. So bye for ever and thank you for this lesson.