Hello! Yesterday, I did the #ThisIsMeChallenge. Click below to take a look at that. This challenge helps others get to know you better.

Today, I decided that I would make a challenge similar to that. I call it the #PhotographyChallenge. If you want to do this challenge just join it. I will be looking forward to seeing them!

Basically, all you have to do is take photos( or find them) of your favorite song, quote, book, movie, season, etc. You can choose your own!

1. Animal

dog, girl, and cute image

2. Song

quotes, songs, and the greatest showman image
Rewrite the Stars, if you can’t tell.

3. Book

book, books, and Dream image

4. Food

fruit, food, and healthy image

5. In My Spare Time

friends, girl, and beach image
Hang out with my best friends.

This is all I have for you today. Thanks for reading. And I’m looking forward to those upcoming articles for this challenge.

If you haven’t yet, fix it😋

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Amanda Webster
Amanda Webster
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I try to post every week! Message me if you have any ideas for my next articles. ( And I will credit you😉)

Thanks for reading!
~ Amanda