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P.s: The tag that I did isn't exactly the same. I'm going to answer some questions through quotes.

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poems, tumblr, and scream poems image

➀ What quote(s) best defines you?

quotes, art, and you image be who you are, books, and boss image

➁ What are your goals?

quotes, adventure, and grow image

➂ A quote from a song

quote, song, and Harry Styles image

➃ What is love?

quote, music, and feelings image blackandwhite, happiness, and qoute image

➄ What is your favorite season?

afternoon, enjoy, and moments image
Can't choose one

➅ Are you afraid?

aesthetic and ron weasley image

➆ What are you afraid of?

Image by Private User

➇ A quote that inspires you

quotes, words, and life image quotes and pink image

➈ What is life about?

art, life, and quote image

➉ A quote by someone you admire

quote and Harry Styles image

➀➀ if you were an object what would you be?

dress, palm trees, and girl girls makeup image

➀➁ Some advice

jkghl image

➀➂ A quote from a book/poem

soul, love, and charles bukowski image

➀➃ The name of a song that you like

tame impala image tame impala image
By Tame Impala

➀➄ A quote from a movie/serie

quote image
The end of the f***ing world

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