relationship thoughts for my future love life

  • no more what if questions
  • i stop planning too much for the future
  • I started dancing - it means a lot to me before i always feel ashamed of my dancing skill, envy those hip sways. able to feel comfortable in front of others changed me, i feel the music and enjoy the songs. i feel more confident and much sexier.
  • i am more open to talk about sexual stuffs - before i was not really okay talking about it, i do make jokes and all ... it was strange to me how all the boys are in it for the sex, and when guys told me they have sex for fun it doesn't make sense. I get it now, and i'm more comfortable with myself.

what i seek in a relationship

  • connection - this is everything, i want for us to have an understanding to see why things are relevant to me. i want someone who understand my thoughts. There are those as you talk to them the more you discover about the person and you can like someone for their look but only love them for their mind.
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i wanted to be loved in my naked skin
  • freedom - we might love each other and share part of our lives to one another, i don't want to be tie down. we are 2 individual person who happened to be in love. we can share our friends and many aspect but i want to live my life in excitement and joy. i don't want my life to be controlled, i want to live for myself.
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  • comfort and support - i want to share how my day went and the little things that brings me joy. i want someone who stay by my side and support my goals in life, to give motivation to keep going. to act freely with each other in sweatpants and no makeup. to have faith in me that i know what is right for myself.
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  • adventure - i want to enjoy every moment of us trying out new things, and constantly explore the world. i'm afraid of routine so let have unexpected adventures in the city, the forest, or a new country. we both would be living life full with excitement.
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  • i don't need fancy dates - we can watch movies together and make comments on it, maybe get some cake, or go grocery shopping. i want the small things, your involvement in my life. be a lover, a partner who i can be myself.
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  • intimacy - i love for us to have cute moments together, to be fond of one another. i want our relationship to be full of kisses, and to feel like we belong together. i would have a place in your heart. don't be afraid to hold my hand in public. i want someone who is proud of me.
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  • making each other happy - small things like: food, watching the sunset, star gazing, making jokes etc ... i want us to be there and make each other life full of joy. like doing silly things and doesn't care what people think, because your smile is precious to me.
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  • i want us to be passionate - to be passionately in love and life. passionate people attracts me it's their sense of feelings/dedication toward something make them attractive. i want us to do what we passionate for and understand/ and respect each other's passion. i also want a passionate lover in my relationship, because i want those lustful eyes craves me, make me feel like i'm the center of your universe. i want use madly in love but not drunk in love. we will be sober to make decisions with our head instead of heart.
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  • i want to be your home - a place you want to return to after hard day at work, a place where you celebrate special occasions in your life, a place of memories, somewhere that always welcome you. i want tow be your home.
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  • humor - i love people with a sense of humor. i want our relationship to be filled with laughter, and inside jokes. to have fun and laugh things off.
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