hi lovelies, i wanna show you some slowly songs to listen to on a rainy day. play this playlist, close your eyes and fall into pensive mood ☺

old money // lana del rey
baby came home // the neighbourhood
polly // nirvana
angels // the xx
everybody hurts // r.e.m.
daydreaming // radiohead
cancer // my chemical romance
pretty when you cry // lana del rey
running up that hill // placebo
mad world // gary jules
november rain // guns and roses
a little death // the neighbiurhood
alibi // thirty seconds to mars
trouble (stripped) // halsey
explorers // muse
blue // troye sivan
daddy issues // the neighbourhood
bel air // lana del rey
exit music (for a film) // radiohead
meet me in a hallaway // harry styles
immortal // marina and the diamonds
liability // lorde
ocean eyes // billie eilish
sorry // halsey
one more light // linkin park
no.1 party anthem // arctic monkeys
mr. sandman // syml

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