Second Playlist for 2018: February!

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(1) Milk & Honey - Billie Martin

"You just want more, and now it's all gone."

(2) Beekeeper - Keaton Henson

"You all say I've crossed a line, but the sad fact is I've lost my mind."

(3) Paint - The Paper Kites

"You left me living with a lingering soul. How little you know."

(4) Big Black Car - Gregory Alan Isakov

"This could be all that we know... of love and all."

(5) Sedona - Houndmouth

"Well hey little Hollywood, you're gone but you're not forgotten."

(6) It's a Longer Road to California Than I Thought - The Wind and The Wave

"Looking at you, I just wanna know what you’re gonna say"

(7) Varsity - Henry Jamison

"Oh where she goes, water rising, water rose, dry her clothes, kiss her on her little nose."

(8) Anchor - Novo Amor

"You went in search of someone else."

(9) The Gardener - The Tallest Man On Earth

"So now we're dancing through the garden, and what a garden I have made."

(10) Heartbeats - José González

"Sharing different heartbeats, in one night."

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