My name is Valeria and these are my tips for studying, this is my second time writing in English, sorry for my grammar, I hope you like it.

Get organized

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Firstly, you should have a notebook or diary for you can write the date of your exams.

Get up early

Get up early it's the best way to the start day. Wake up! start your day with a big smile, you take your breakfast and after you study before of the class.

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Don't study a day before the exam

No, no, you never study a day before the exam that is a bad tip, you should study one week or two weeks before the exam, why?, because your mind cant save more information in a single day. My tip is you should study a little every day.

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These were my tips for you, I hope like it.
If you would like more, write me, please.

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Have a nice day!