So many times I find myself filled with work and other things to do, yet I manage to do nothing all day.
I have so much uni work to complete and so many good books to read yet I find myself on Netflix binge watching anything that I can find.
SOO.. here are a few things people (lazy like me) do when they are bored :D

1. firstly, stay in bed all day, because when you have the choice between staying in bed and getting out, well... there's no argument there
2. watch all sorts of shows, even the ones you do not like
3. eat, eat, eat and eat some more, I always find myself eating 5 times as much when I'm bored and at home
4. text, call, social media
5. play games
6. anything that allows you to procrastinate basically in some extreme cases even try to do back flips in your bed :D
7. but my most favourite is to annoy people and let them know I am bored so they give me attention - I know quite sad

but why be bored alone when you can have company

P.S. you should probably stop reading this and do whatever you are supposed to be doing instead