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Build a skincare routine

You need a skincare routine, without one you wont achieve the skin of your dreams lol, but seriously! its true! Your skin will improve with time so you got to build a regimen with products that work out for you, so start by learning what your skin needs and then you start buying and trying produts!

The products you need for a basic skincare routine:

Facial Cleanser
Facial Mask (to apply once a week)
Acne Gel (only if get pimples)
Lip Balm

Know what is your skin type

You have to know what is your skin type; if its combination, oily or dry. If you have no idea how to know what is your skin type you can go to a dermatologist or search on the internet how to know that.
After that you can search on the internet and youtube recommendations of products for your skin type (I will probably write a article on my recommendations, wait for it lol)

Eat healthy and drink water

Everyone says that but its true! If you're eating stuff that are healthy for you the chances of you getting allergies or pimples are lower, besides being good for your body!
Now, water is ESSENTIAL for good, hydrated skin! our body is made of water and gotta drink even more, because it makes you feel healthy and hydrates your body and face skin! ;)

Keep a frequency on your skincare routine

Frequency is extremely important to progress, so don't stop your routine! don't sleep on your makeup and wash your face twice a day, don't skip it! no matter how lazy you are or how late you got home, if you want that skin you got to work for it!


So those are my tips for you! if you want more articles on skincare, send me a message! I love receiving feedback!
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