"It is hard to ask for food when you cannot talk"

1. It is good for your health!

It is scientifically proven that pets are good for human health. Psychologically, emotionally and physically, dogs help their companions to feel loved, important and needed. They also make you move and won't let you die in your couch.

2. Unite families

A dog unites families and couples by only existing! It makes them having something more in common, something to talk about, and as the responsibility most be dividing into all, it makes them work as a team and agree in something.

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3. It will cost you less

Why would you buy a dog when you can have them free? Lots of dogs and cats are waiting for someone to adopt them. Also, most of animal shelters vaccinate and make them surgeries free, before you take them home.

4. Fight puppy mills

Puppy mills are factory-style breeding facilities that put profit above the welfare of dogs. Animals from puppy mills are housed in shockingly poor conditions with improper medical care. By adopting and not buying you are one less client for puppy mills and help fight this animal abuse.

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5. You will be helping more that just one animal

By adopting you will be making space for one more animal in need.

6. Adopted pets are more educated than bought ones

Adopted dogs are more loyal than bought dogs. Abandon dogs, once adopted again, won't let you down. They will make anything to make you feel loved, making their best for not get abandoned again.

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7. You'll change a little creatures life!

Your life will not be the only one that changes, the dog's life will too. You just safe his life! And the thought of it will be always in your mind and will always make you feel proud.

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