Many people claim to know the meaning of love, many people say they have found the love of their lives, but did they actually? people describe love in song lyrics, poems written during a quiet night, people describe love with cringe words and compliments, people forget what love really is and they say it in vain just because it's good to hear and it's easy to say. Love is nothing and everything, love is how comfortable you feel with someone, love is how yourself you can be when that person is around. You don't need to be perfect. I don't want to be called perfect, pretty or special, we have overused those words to the point where their meanings no longer hold the eloquence they used to. Instead I want to be called breathtaking, alluring or unparalleled. I want to be called something new and insane so I know I am not average to them. I am not ''perfect'' because that would be too easy of a word to think-up. Love is going to be that, or I really hope love is that. I want love to be crazy butterflies inside my stomach, less messages saying ''I miss you'' and more action, knock on my door and drag me out, let's go camping, hiking, let's go to a beach and watch the sunset. I want road trips to anywhere and nowhere, with good songs that we both love, inside jokes and laughs, I want love to be more us and less everyone else, I don't need a cliche, no one likes cliches, I want to write my own story, our own story, with our own adventures. And that is what I want love to be.