Once you told me that there is a difference between a great love and right love.
You said that beacuse you were jealous when i were in some relationships.
Because it was always you and me, or its always you and me.
and everyone knows.
we never were in a relationship.

Last year we both were in a toxic relationship(about mine-previous article), maybe just my wes toxic and you just were(you are) not in love with the girl.
We both decided that we will break up with them and we will be together.finally..
i did it.
but you?
You told her that you cheated on her with me...witch is not true at all.
You are still in touch with her.
maybe more than with me..
.......without maybe
so tell me, were are we?
You told me that you loved me but also liked her.
however now i look like totally fool because everyone gossiping about me that we cheated on her together even is not a true.
and you are still with her. And im alone.

But after all this long time, now its different.
Im done with you.
I have enough
I have done so many things for a chance to be with you...finally
and you just tried but you did not finished it.. And also you made me felt stupid about myself, and now a lot of people hates me because of what we "done" to her.

If you really loved me you would be with me

Yes there is different between a great love and right love.
but some people will find out too late
for example you, like always
bye love