we love flowers,
as life goes on we collect hundreds of them
we learn different things from each flower
different moods, feelings
we pick our favorites to form flower personalities

Sunshine. Most of us want to be happy and spread happiness. So we pick up yellow flowers.

yellow, flowers, and beauty image yellow, flowers, and aesthetic image

Gloom season. Sadness. How can we tell what happiness is if we've never felt sadness? Most of us have picked up a few blue flowers along the way.

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Red flowers bring love to our lives. There's a point when we learn to love and feel loved. Whether we see it, feel it or not we all know love. We all love, have a passion for someone or something. So we all carry red flower personalities.

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Pretty in pink. Perfection. Although there is no such thing we all wish and try to be perfect. Most times it's for someone, few for ourselves. We want to live up to expectations and form pastel worlds filled with pink flowers.

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Purple flowers. Royalty, confidence. Some of us are filled with purple flower personalities while some of us only carry one or even zero purple flowers.

flowers, purple, and aesthetic image rose, flowers, and purple image

Purity, Innocence. In this cruel world, it is few people that carry white flower personalities. Few that still have hope and faith.

white, flowers, and aesthetic image flowers, rose, and white image

Adventure. Orange flower personalities are rare. They're new things, new beginnings. Change. The desire of wanting to explore and change the world. Not wanting to conform.

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Black flower personalities. Darkness and pain. Experiences shape us. A lot of people are angry and have dark personalities to protect themselves. It's their way to avoid more pain.

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Most flowers come with thorns. The thorns are the reasons we picked up our flower personalities. They're the lessons, that made us who we are today.

aesthetic, dark, and goth image thorns, nature, and aesthetic image

In the end. We're not flowers. We are people who walk an infinite path filled of flowers.

flowers, rose, and sunflower image flowers, nature, and sky image

We all encounter different ones and pick up different personalities to become unique beings.

flowers, roses, and colors image flowers, tulips, and tulipa image

Colorful beings with flower personalities.

Image by 🦋

- Dulce (@nonsensica)

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