Saturn represents the concentration, the effort, the perseverance, the limitation, the duration, the meeting with oneself, the harsh reality. All that is not authentic is brought sooner or later to be eliminated. One can not cheat with Saturn, it corresponds to an irresistible desire to be one with oneself with responsibility and wisdom. It is the great purifier and represents our limits but also our truth. Its element is the Earth, it is cold and dry. It masters Capricorn and Aquarius and is exalted in Libra.
It is in analogy with the bone system and the skin. Its average demotion duration is approximately 138 days per year.
It represents grandparents, sages, old men, men of science, of knowledge.
The age of Saturn is old age, 70 years old or sometimes earlier depending on the health of the subject until death.

Saturn is an outer planet. Therefore, many people born at the same time possess Saturn in the same sign. So, it is for its presence as a sign of a minor meaning, less personal than the inner planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars), so read carefully.

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Your impulsiveness, your primacy and your spontaneity are reduced, but you have more patience, tolerance and long-term thinking in you.

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Your appetite for material things is reduced, but you are more stubborn and profound, also more forward thinking and wiser in the financial field in general.

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Your lightness, your futility, your carelessness are reduced: you are more thoughtful, more concentrated, you learn to channel your ideas in depth. Your practical sense is amplified, your concern for accuracy and your thirst for precision are reinforced.

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Your emotivity is reduced and you are less vulnerable by creating a protective shell, with the good and bad consequences that entails. On the family level as well as for the real estate domain, you are expectant and wise, almost too much.

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You break away from pleasure and leisure by making yourself more serious and more responsible.

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You are more perseverant and precise, your taste for science and effort is amplified, you are always trying to improve yourself and your tenacity make wonder.

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You are more serious and a little rough for the contacts with others: you go naturally towards the essential by worrying you little of the charm which you could deploy, the fine words or slight compromises which annoy you a little. But you are true, you have the sense of justice and authenticity.

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Your resistance is strengthened and can make you look a little hard on your surroundings because of your desire for precision in the understanding of all things. Your ability to understand the mysteries is strengthened, you like precision, the exact sciences. You learn to manage your instincts, even if it is to the detriment of your spontaneity.

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Your taste for change of scenery and rebellion is limited. On the other hand, your sense of responsibility and your authority are strengthened. You focus on the concrete and the real, avoiding venturing into unfamiliar terrain.

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Your hardness, your seriousness and your ability to manage the long term are amplified: you are perseverant, resistant, hard-working, ambitious, you know that time is your ally. You have the reputation of being sober and a little austere but you are respected and recognized for your wisdom and your authenticity.

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You are more able to exercise your responsibility in the areas of the collective, major humanitarian projects or avant-garde. Your sensitivity is withdrawn, compensated by an ability to manage human relationships in the most daring and effective way, for a purpose, for a cause.

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Your ability to feel the emotions of others or to express yours abundantly is limited: you are less vulnerable but you can indulge in a certain isolation. On the other hand, you are authentic, you stay away from illusions but also dreams

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