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How are you guys? I hope you all are doing great and amazing. Today I'm going to be talking about something that has a main role in our lives, and that is friendship. Like I always say humans are social individuals, and we need connections with other people to survive.

Friends are an important part in every area of our lives, they are the people around our age that we can count on, and we share almost the same tastes and interests. Sometimes if we are lucky enough we can consider them family. But sometimes we don't run with that luck, and we end up screwing it up in the friendship camp. I bet it has happened to all of us at one point of our lives, where we trust the wrong people or we end up being the wrong people.

Because of that today I bring to you some of the ➳ Things you should never do to your best friends based on some of my own experiences and things I've seen along the way. Hoping this can help you avoid making these mistakes, and you can enjoy a happy and healthy friendship ♥ Alright LET'S DO IT!

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«Talk Sh*t Behind Their Back»

Is like I always say, why say something behind someone's back when you are perfectly capable of saying it to their faces?. I personally can't stand people who pretend to like you when they are with you, but the moment you are gone they talk smack about you. That is for cowards, and you should never do that to anyone, because talking smack about someone says more about you than them. But I know sometimes our friends do things we don't approve, and that's perfectly okay, but if something is bothering you about them just say it to their faces! (with kindness) A hard truth is always better than a pretty lie, and that is what friends are for.


And when I say this I mean betray your friend in any way. Maybe you go after the boy you know she likes, maybe you share her most private secret, or maybe you start being friends with all the people who dislike your friend. Whatever it is, never ever betray someone. Your friends trust you, they expect good things from you because they love you. Loyalty is the most precious thing you can offer a person, and loyalty is the principal ingredient in every relationship with other human being.

«Leave them alone when they need you»

Let's say your friend is going through a total hell right now, what should you do as a good friend? Go there and support them, listen to them, motivate them, and be there for them. But I know a lot of people who call themselves "Best friend" of someone, and once this person is going through a hard time they run away and pretend they don't even know this person. That's low, and that is not something a real friend would do.

«Don't be able to forgive them»

We all make mistakes, no one is perfect on this life. But as we make mistakes, we deserve second chances if we are really sorry for what we did. Let's say your friend did something that hurts you, but it was never their intention and they are really sorry for it and they are begging you to forgive them. If you are a sensible person you will forgive them, because you know it was never their intention. But some people's ego is bigger than a tower, and even though they know they are sorry, their pride would not let them forgive them. That is not something you should do to a friend ever.

«Believe the rumors of third parties»

Basic teens these days favorite hobby is talking, but not talking about interesting topics, no, they love talking about other people. So is really easy to hear a rumor of yourself that not even you knew you have. It happens every day, unfortunately. But I know a lot of people who trust better a total stranger than their own friends, and they start to judge them based on others people's rumors. If you hear something bad about your friend on the hallways of your school, please always ask them first before you believe everything you hear, that's what true friends do.

«Ignore them»

Okay I remember this one time my friends and I went out to the cafe we always go, and there was this girl from our school having a coffee alone, but then we saw her "best friend" walked by the door so happily whit this guy AND SHE PRETENDED LIKE HER FRIEND WAS NOT EVEN THERE!. My friends and I were so blown minded because they seemed to be so inseparable in school, but she pretended her friend was a total strange on public. I get a date may be a little big deal for you, and that is fine, but if you see your friend on public when you are with your date at least be nice and say hi to them. Believe me, no girl or boy is worth it to cost you the end of your friendship.

«Bring them down to lift you up»

Let me clear this out; you don't need to bring anyone down so you can rise. That's not how it works. I'm going to put you a very public example: the case of Lele Pons and Amanda Cerny. In case you don't know what I'm talking about in resume these two girls are internet famous and they used to be best friends. Until one day one of them decided to sabotage the other by deleting her pictures from her Instagram and some of her videos. Why?I bet she was trying to eliminate the competition, but it was such a low move from a friend. The thing is, if you want to rise and shine like the star you are, do it! But please don't bring others down just so you can lift yourself up. You rise by lifting others up with you.

Friendship is such a great thing if we know how to keep it healthy. Knowing what you should and what you shouldn't do is always important so we can prevent making those simple mistakes. And we can prevent hurting someone else's feelings.

A friendship shouldn't always be perfect sunny days, but it also should be rainy days when you learn together how to get through hard times. ♡♡

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