How is that even possible? How can your heart says one thing and your mind another? What kind of game is that? Well, actually it's not a game, it's not even funny... it HURTS
Following your heart is beyond difficult (at least from my point of view). It's like the whole universe is plotting against you in order to make it impossible. Although most of the times, it's not the universe but your mind doing this. Starting with falling for the wrong guy.
Is that about a bad guy who will hurt you in the end? No, I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about the perfect guy, who is smart, cute, loyal, better than anyone else. The one who makes your heart melt everytime you see him and gives your stomach butterflies and all that stuff. The one that has a million charms and you love even his imperfections. The guy you can't help but love, that amazing existence (i wonder who popped into each girl's head when they read that).

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But since he is so nice, why is it so hard to keep going? The problem is you have fallen in love... and everything that falls, breaks. In this case it is very simple to end up with a broken heart. Let's say that you have the courage to express your feelings, what happens next? Of course there is a chance he feels the same way and Happily Ever After. But what if he doesn't? You lose him, maybe forever. And This hurts so much, even the thought of it. That's why I think it's extremely difficult to talk. One word can destroy everything.

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And then there is the other way: do not speak. You might think that it is easier. Well, definitely not. You keep all these feelings hidden, you see couples around you and wonder '' why I can't have that since I love him so much?''. You are always tortured by this little thought: what if i talked to him... But then the mind starts analysing all the things that can go wrong and it always ends with your broken heart and him gone. So you have to live with this, whether you like it or not.

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Those two...can't the heart ant the mind cooperate for once?! I'm afraid that's too much to ask and i think I've said enough. Everyone has their own story, and their choices define them. I just want to make a good one too. I guess happiness is very hard to find after all...

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