I am nearly 15 years old and I have many pations and hobbies. I also want to do a lot of stuff, and one of the first thing is getting a tattoo.


  • Plane
airplane tattoo
If you love/want traveling (like the next one) this is a perfect tattoo to express that and I think it just looks very cute.
  • world map
map tattoo
  • a quote that inspires you
quotes, fearless, and original image
I would like to write STRONG&INDEPENDENT or something like this that describes me perfectly. Mabey a 'DREAM' and DO (the dream crossed)
  • a planet
fingers aesthetic grunge planet
For dreamy people or astrology fans. You can also chose your zodiac's sign planet (exemple: I am aries, so Mars)
  • flowers
tattoo, roses, and beautiful image
  • book - knollage
tattoo and book image
  • your name or an other word in an other language (ex.: viking, greek etc.)

Hope you liked it and see you tomorrow :*