if you can't tell already, i adore children and my biggest aspiration and general hope in life is to have children and raise them to be intelligent, kind, loved and loving, brave and strong humans who will leave a positive impression on everyone they meet. so here's a random little post about what parts of motherhood i'm excited about and things i'm excited for, hopefully it's somewhat relatable.

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I can't wait for baby's first holiday, the sun and sea blessing them. Maybe it'll be Spain, Hawaii or Italy but wherever it is - I'm excited.

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first days

I can't wait for the first days of motherhood. they will be gruelling and emotional and crazy but they'll be worth it.

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I wonder if you'll love or hate bathtime. We'll have a big bubble bath, bath bombs, glowsticks and a rubber ducky.

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morning and nighttime

i can't wait for morning's with you - i'll wake you up and help you brush your teeth and brush your hair and dress you. i'll teach you about nutrition and how to eat healthy if i can but on weekends we can have pancakes. at night we'll wash you and cuddle, then before you sleep i'll read you a book every night and tuck you in.

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hobbies and holidays.

I wonder what you'll be interested in - maybe it'll be ballet or cooking, football or art. I'll encourage and support you in whatever you choose to do .On valentine's we can make paper love heart buntings and heart shaped cookies, at christmas we can wrap your father and siblings presents and make gingerbread houses, on easter you can go searching for eggs and meet the easter bunny, on halloween i'll take you trick or treating and we can watch hocus pocus.

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I can't wait to go on adventures with you. I want to take you to remote beaches and iconic places like paris, venice and london. one day i'll take you to disneyland so you can meet all your favourite characters.

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i hope you love your siblings and they'll be your best friend. i hope you can share wonderful memories and stay close all the way into your adulthood and as grandma's and grandpa's you're still as close as ever.

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i can't wait to dress you everyday. it sounds stupid and trivial and it's certainly not the most important thing. you will be the best dressed child in your nursery, maybe we will wear matching outfits.

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will you love animals as much as me? we will definitely have a dog and a cat. when you get older you can have your own pet to teach you about responsibility. i hope you love animals.

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days out and days in

we'll go to the zoo so i can teach you about the different species - maybe your favourite animal will be there. we can paint in the kitchen and i'll put them on the fridge. we can watch movies and dance around to our favourite songs. i'll take you to the beach and the pool so you can learn to swim, then we'll go the library to get some more books for you. we can make cupcakes and cookies and eat them after.