How to get good grades

Make your own notes
If you write your notes filled with a lot of stuff that you don't understand, helps NOTHING. But if you write them so you understand them, you will do much better. And take your time to the notes.

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Ask your teacher
It's no shame in asking for help. If you don't understand that impossible thing in math. Go and get help. You will not get good grades if you are doing homework you don't understand nothing of. And what are the teachers for?

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Focus in class
Like seriously, stay focused. If you are doing every other thing, that is not focusing. You will have problems at tests, homework etc. Just have eye contact with the teacher, and empty your head. Let the words go in your brain and BAM! A+!

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Learn away
When you are reading for a test, act like you have to learn it away. Then you remember it better! So after you have been reading explain it to your mom or someone else. This have helped me so much!

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