Sundays are my favorite day of the week; I feel energetic, youthful, peaceful and almost as if I'm hitting the reset button to start my week right. During the whole morning of today, however, I was busy updating my LinkedIn profile and on a job search through this website and I currently work as a sales and banquet assistant; and, although I love my job, I hate the environment I work in. Being forward thinking woman in a backwards-thinking society and workplace can get a girl down from time to time.

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I'm also a witch. Yes, my spiritual practice is eclectic witchcraft and paganism, which has helped me tremendously with my self-esteem issues. In Puerto Rico, that is still a taboo subject to let out for the world to see. Therefore, I felt trapped between having a successful career and maintaining my spiritual path intact. I felt I had to juggle between the two, even unite them at some point. That's when my hubby stepped in.

Ladies, if you're lucky enough to find a man that knows when you're worry by simply looking at you, keep him! It takes a magician or a man in love to know what truly bothers a woman.

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He said: "Babe, do you remember when Jesus went into a temple and saw that the leaders were asking their people for money? I hardly remember the specifics of the story, but I do remember a quote that he said 'To Cesar what is of God what is of God'. Basically he meant what belongs to the state, give it to the state. What belongs to the Almighty, give it to him. You don't have to mix the two things. What belongs to your career, to your workplace...give that. After you leave your 8-hour shift, you give what belongs to your spiritual path. Sometimes, we are so focused in balancing things, that we misinterpret this as 'mixing things up in a supposed healthy way'. No! There are things that have to be separate in order to create perfect balance. To balance is not to mix, is to keep things were they are and work with them in their respective places."

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