Hey everyone!
For this week's article I decided to write an article all about gaining motivation.
I personally have been feeling a bit unmotivated and lazy past few weeks, and since I know I'm definitely not alone at that I've put together some of my favorite motivation tips in this article. So for everyone who needs it right now: here are some ways to feel more motivated.

''If you know you can do better, then do better.''
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set goals

Write them down in a notebook. Hang them up on your wall. Set them as your lockscreen. Just whatever works for you.
For example: 'I wanna study for at least two hours today' or 'I wanna read at least 50 pages today'. Or if you wanna have less specific goals: 'I wanna pass my exams' or 'I wanna get better at physics this month', whatever it is what motivates you and keeps you going, write it down.

''Just think about how grateful your future self will be if you keep going. how glad you will be for having worked so hard. it will all be worth it.''
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reward yourself

Reward yourself once you have completed your goal (watch an episode of a show, buy your favorite food, go out with friends)

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stay positive

Staying positive is a very important part of feeling motivated. I'm not gonna discuss this whole topic again since I've already done an article about it. If you're looking for some tips specifically about staying positive you can maybe read that article:

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track your progress

You can track your progress by making a monthly/weekly tracker on all the habits you wanna improve or by just journaling your days. If you're really feeling unmotivated and sad just take a look at those trackers and see how far you've come already & don't give up now!

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create a playlist with music that makes you feel happy and motivated

And listen to it when you need motivation.

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get rid of any distractions

Leave your phone downstairs while you're studying or give it to someone who can keep it away from you while you're getting shit done. My laptop is always on my desk while I'm studying, so I get distracted by whi or tumblr pretty easily, to prevent that I use 'selfcontrol' which basically blocks sites for a specific amount of time (60 minutes for me usually). Find what works best for you.

https://selfcontrolapp.com/ < what I use

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do nothing

When I saw this tip on tumblr I was like 'wtf ', but seriously this really helps. Just do nothing for 5 minutes, no phone, no laptop, no cleaning, just nothing, just sit still. After a while you will most likely start to feel bored and think about how you could be also finishing up some of those tasks you've been putting off for the longest time instead of doing nothing.

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surround yourself with people who motivate you

Surround yourself with people who motivate you to achieve your goals and will help you get better.

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learn from your mistakes

If you're feeling demotivated because of some stupid mistake you've made, here's the little reminder that everyone makes mistakes sometimes, and that's how we grow and learn, just make sure you wont make the same mistake again.

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know that you're capable of literally anything you want, as long as you really go for it

Whatever your goal is, just go for it, seriously, don't let negative thoughts and negative people stop you from achieving your goals. You really got this.

''If you don't go after what you want you'll never have it.''
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Thank you so much for reading!

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