I will try to describe myself through some picture; so yeah let's do it;

My style:

Image removed Image by lilu fashion, outfit, and jeans image fashion, outfit, and jeans image
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food, pizza, and yummy image food, waffles, and chocolate image cake, chocolate, and desserts image food, chocolate, and dessert image
I'am in love with the food


cat, cute, and animal image flowers, pink, and aesthetic image handprint and hand image black image
black and gray


book image book, flowers, and tumblr image book, drugs, and black and white image book, aesthetic, and pink image
I love reading (les romans français)


quotes, girl, and bad image change, discovery, and tumblr image accurate, alternative, and mental illness image life, personality, and quote image


ed sheeran, song, and ed image babies, concert, and black and white image dua lipa, red, and dua image charli xcx image
dua lipa; ed sheeran; one direction and charlie xcx;

Dreams and Goals:

friends, travel, and car image friends, donuts, and friendship image love, couple, and Relationship image girl, forest, and travel image

TV shows:

sorry I don't watch the TV so much;


lele pons image inanna image juanpa zurita image couple, love, and goals image


Image by Maria music, volume, and headphones image girl, camera, and nature image book, tea, and coffee image

That's all and I hope you will like it; and have a good day