I've been very confused lately.

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I don't know when or how it happened. But it did.

The bottom line is that Jeon Jeongguk got me wildin.

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& he ain't even bothered by it

I'm sorry Seokjin, but I think we have a problem here.

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a major problem

Jungkook is coming for your spot. In my heart.

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I'm honestly just as shocked as you are.

& It's not like he is better than you in anyway. That's the problem. He is becoming just like you.

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I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. I thought one Jin was hard enough to handle, but a younger, more mischievous Jin? NO THANKS. I WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A RETURN PLEASE.

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i'm actually screaming

I just want to know when Jungkook started to grow up. It felt like it was just yesterday when JK was the baby. Now, he is all of the sudden not? And I don't know how to handle it?

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that body is too right

He is even starting to use Jin's jokes, maybe even executing them better almost as good, as well as his sound effects.

They are becoming one and I don't think I can handle it.

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if y'all don't stop right now i'm going to delete my existence


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I quit.

Is this Jin or JK? Can someone tell me?

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i'm honestly confused

Update 2/23/18: I found the gif.

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and i'm even more confused lol

I'm about to start a petition to get BigHit to do something about this because I can't be crossing my eyes between the two of them all the damn time. They are going to get stuck.

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Jin is still my bias, let's just put that out there. He will always be my day one. But Jungkook is standing in the corner of the snapshot of Seokjin I keep in my head, whispering "pay attention to me". And I can't help but LOOK AT HIM TOO.

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jin looking at the monster he created

You should have listened to Jimin, Jungkook. YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE LEARNED THOSE THINGS.

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a son admiring his father

Jin, baby. Something needs to be done. You need to calm JK down or I'm going to leave. Because I don't know if I can control myself.

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i am confusion

Jungkook turned from fluffy-maknae to holy-shit-what-are-you-doing hunk.

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a true glow up

Even though this transformation truly hurts me, I still have some favorite Jinkook moments, because the two are absolutely fucking adorable together.

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gif and bts image
gif and bts image
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Jin doesn't even care that Jungkook could destroy him. He is just happy to be around him. Such a proud mother.

I don't know whether or not I'm jealous of Kookie or Jin... oh god. I've got no control.

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jinkook stomping all over my fragile heart

And how they care for each other...

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Living. Dying. What's the difference?

I'm filling out a formal complaint as of now.

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Can I join? Where do I sign up to join? Is there a contract I need to sign? A waiver? My death note? A will?


Jungkook admiring his beautiful hyung:

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same kookie, same

Honestly, I don't know why I was ever sleeping on Jungkook. He is literally a younger Jin with stronger thighs.

  • he is a sculpture that belongs in a museum.
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i want to straddle him pls thanks
  • his eyes are so beautiful
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i'm sweating in an ice bath
  • wtf you looking at?
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if you could see my hand, my middle finger is up
  • wtf you looking at??
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i don't think my heart is working anymore
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I'm sorry Seokjin. Your maknae is shaking the foundation of my bias. You need to put a stop to him. Because I don't know how much longer I can hold on.

For your viewing pleasure & pain: