I have made a recent discovery that these are fun as fuck so I’m making another! This time we finna talk about my favorite music. God, I love these artists.

band the neighbourhood
The Neighbourhood. Formed in 2011. Some of their bigger hits are Daddy Issues and Sweater Weather, but dig further into the albums and you’ll find some kickass songs just as good if not better.
billie eilish girl
Billie Eilish. She’s only sixteen she’s literally like around my age?? Date me?? Her talent is so up there there’s no better way to describe her than as cool. She’s just so awesome. I love her.
aesthetic alternative
The 1975. Goddamn, I love this band. They’re probably my favorite of all time. Personally, my favorites by them are You and Antichrist, but every song is so good. I don’t think there is anything by them that I actually dislike, and I dislike many, many things.
Superthumb badlands
Halsey. I’ve listened to her since the release of Badlands and her music never gets old. It’s so good, and I seriously could listen to HFK for like 1000 days straight.
Superthumb alex turner
Arctic Monkeys. I’m fucking in love with AM, dude. Like actually it’s not even funny. Their music is just so gorgeous and wonderful, and I relate to so many of the lyrics.
marina and the diamonds aesthetic
Marina and the Diamonds. She deserves so much more attention than she gets, to be honest. I fell in love with her music as soon as I started listening to it. Go listen to Lonely Hearts Club right now. It will change your fucking life.
Superthumb alternative
Of Monsters and Men. Super fucking indie and super fucking incredible. I’ve liked them for like four years now and still they are one of my favorites. Wolves Without Teeth. Go listen now.
album Superthumb
Grouplove. You’ve probably heard of Tongue Tied, and while it is super good, they have so many other beautiful songs. Spun, Colours, and Lovely Cup are all so good. Try them out!

Okay that’s it for now I guess peace