Somebody get me a hammer,

artsy, dress, and girl image

Wanna break all the clocks and the mirrors.

watch, clock, and time image Image removed

And go back to a time that was different.

girl, forest, and run image

A time when I didn't feel like there was something missing.

love, wedding, and couple image

Now my body and mind are so distant.

girl image

Don't know how to escape from this prison.

blonde, girl, and white image

How can I free my mind?

fantasy, hair, and girl image

Cause I can't breathe.

girl, dress, and nature image

I can't breathe.

Image removed

I can't breathe.

girl, water, and dress image

I can't breathe.

Image by Joanna

I can't breathe.

girl image

How can I live in the moment

water, sea, and underwater image

When my thoughts never feel like my own?

mermaid, ocean, and sea image

And don't know how to admit that I'm broken.

mermaid, ocean, and whale image

How can I be alright?

mermaid, dolphin, and ocean image

Cause I can't breathe.

mermaid and merman image

I can't breathe.

mermaid, underwater, and blue image

I can't breathe.

coral reef, merman, and mako mermaids image

I can breathe.

mermaid, couple, and sea image

Bea Miller - "I can't breathe"

Hey everyone!

I must admit that lately, I've been losing inspiration...
But today I'm back with a new article! Hope you enjoyed it!!

PS: I changed the last verse ("can't" into "can") for the story.


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